Monday, 21 November 2011

Noma Stage - Week 1

I`m not here to post any recipes or anything like that today. Im just here to make a diary of my experiences as a stagier at Noma.
The 1st week gone so fast, it`s even hard to describe all that happened.
The restaurant enviroment is so friendly and it is surely a really nice place to be. I`m learning so much, and seeing so many new stuff that really makes me like every single second I spend there.
For the first 5 days I`ve been here, i got to see all the production part of the kitchen, helping with the mise-en-place and doing some dishing up.
Despit the really long hours, I`m having such a great fun, always talking about cooking and techniques either with the chefs or the other stagiers.
Tomorrow, a new week of work will start. Hopefull I will get to see and do different stuff.