Tuesday, 22 December 2009


After a busy while, im back to the blog. These last 2 weeks of my culinary course took all my time, but now im back on posting.
This recipe can be considered traditionally from brasil, and also is very popular in my country.The brazilian name of this dish is "Rabada". The meat looks like the italian "ossobuco" but it's from the tail of the cow. The meat is very high in fat, wich make it taste even better.

What you gonna need:
1kg of cow tail cut in around 8centimeters
200g of chopped tomatoes
300g of chopped onions
200g of chopped carrots
salt and pepper as you like.

How to do:
Remove the excessive fat of the meat. Then in a hot frying pan, cook the pieces of meat untill its in a nicely browny-gold colour. Then add all the ingredients in a pressure cooker, add water to cover all the ingredients, and cook for about 1h30 minutes.
You can either serve with the juice the meat was cooked, or you can make a "pirao" wichs consists in add corn flour or manioc flour in to that juice, and cook for about 10min.
Also, serving with watercress is a good option.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Tambaqui Ribs in blueberry sauce with grilled banana and Brazil Nuts

Tambaqui is tipically a rainforest fish. This fish is very different from the usual fish because you can find much more fat in his meat than most of the fish.
Here is a picture of it

Another special thing in this fish is that his spines are harder and thicker than normal, and it does look like pork ribs, wich is very interesting. This fish can also be found by the name of Pacu. Tambaqui can get up to 1 metre length, and up to 30 kilograms.

What you gonna need:
500 grams of Tambaqui ribs.
For the sauce
100 grams of fresh blueberries
10 ml of vinegar
15 grams of sugar
For the side
2 bananas
50 grams brazil nuts

Salt and pepper as you like.

Well, basically, these ribs are sautee. So all you need to do is add salt and pepper as you wish, and sautee the ribs slowly, so all the fat melts down n gets mixed inbetween the ribs.
The sauce is simple aswell. Add all the ingredients, maybe you will need some water. Leave it cooking untill all the berries melt in to the sauce.
The bananas are just plain grilled, no salt, no pepper.
Chop the nuts in small pieces, and then put them on heat, so they get cripy.