Friday, 26 February 2010


Well, after leaving the blog alone for a couple of weeks, I'm here today to tell more about a culinary course I've done 2 weeks ago in argentina.
The course was focused, basically, on Sous Vide ( Vacuum ) cooking and Modern Cuisine.
Both were very usefull to me, teaching me techniques I haven't got much in contact before.
In a professional kitchen, where food has to be done in large scale, equipments such as Roners and a Vacuum chamber ( or machine ) are really helpfull. In my opinion, fish and vegetables get cooked to perfection without much trouble using them. But, everything has a bad side, in my opinion, beef, duck and other stuff don't get as good as they do when you old style cook them.

This is the roner, it basically keep the water in a exact temperature, without great cahnges, perfect for stuff that needs to be cooked for a long time, or requires an certain temperature.

This is the chamber to remove the air, you basically put the food in special bags and this chamber will remove all the air, maximizing the taste and the smell of the food.

Well, to avoid gigantic posts, later on I will post more about the so called modern cuisine.
Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed.