Monday, 21 November 2011

Noma Stage - Week 1

I`m not here to post any recipes or anything like that today. Im just here to make a diary of my experiences as a stagier at Noma.
The 1st week gone so fast, it`s even hard to describe all that happened.
The restaurant enviroment is so friendly and it is surely a really nice place to be. I`m learning so much, and seeing so many new stuff that really makes me like every single second I spend there.
For the first 5 days I`ve been here, i got to see all the production part of the kitchen, helping with the mise-en-place and doing some dishing up.
Despit the really long hours, I`m having such a great fun, always talking about cooking and techniques either with the chefs or the other stagiers.
Tomorrow, a new week of work will start. Hopefull I will get to see and do different stuff.


  1. I'm so proud of you baby... Don't you dare ever stop persuing your dreams.! I'm with you, and I'm really greatful of having you in my life. You are an amazing person, an amazing chef, and more than that, you are the best person I've ever met. Don't stop... Believe it.!
    I'll be here for you everytime, I really hope you continue challenging yourself and winning every single time.! All I want is you to be happy.! In the end, your happiness is my happiness.! I'm so proud of you baby... Sooo proud.!!

    Looooove... Loooove... Loooooove you <3

  2. Adorei o post, filhão.
    Não vejo a hora de conhecer o Noma.
    Estamos morrendo de saudade.
    Roseiro Pai

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  4. adorei ....vou vir aki todo dia pra ver as novidades .....muita saudade .....beijusss ....Carlinha