Thursday, 1 December 2011

Noma - Week 2 and 3

The days are going so fast. And its already week 3, and 1 more to go only.
Luckily this week I got to see more the dishes, plate them up, and feel the sensation of how is to work in the best restaurant of the world.
I mean, everything here is done with so much care, with so much work put in, which makes me have no doubts on why this is the best restaurant of the world.
Not only work, but what else makes this restaurant unique is a thing called " Saturday Night Projects" where the stagiers and chefs make a dish and everyone gives a try and tell opinions, likes and dislikes. It`s a true learning night. You get to see food from everywhere in the world, different techniques, ingredients, colours, tastes, presentations.

The dishes are wonderful. Unfortunately I dont remember what they really are, since that day i wasnt feeling very great, though I stayed to see all the brilliant work from my work friends.

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