Monday, 25 January 2010

Orange Risotto and shrimp sautée

Been quite busy lately, so i have less time to cook and post.
But hopefully i will be back on here fully in a couple of weeks.

Well, this recipe came out better than i thought and the orange risotto is quite good, specially because I did it for the first time ever, so i didnt have time to adjust and modify it to make even better.

Well, here we go to the recipe then.

100g of arborio rice.
Juice of 2 oranges.
Zest of those 2 oranges.
50g of onions.
50 ml of olive oil.
Around 600 ml of vegetable stock (homemade preferably)
Salt and pepper as you like

Well, this Orange Risotto is basically the same as every risotto, but instead of using wine, we use the orange juice. So first of all, with around 20ml of olive oil, sautee the onions, and then the rice. Leave for about 5 minutes. Add all the orange juice and keep mixing untill it gets dry. Add the salt and pepper.
Add the stock every once in a while and keep mixing.
When its cooked to your taste, add the rest of the olive oil and mix, so it gets more creamy and tastes better.
For the shrimps, just sautee it as you like.


  1. Orange risotto, I love fruity dishes, sounds great in combination with prawns...yummie :-)

  2. Wowo wow... never heard of this before, but it makes sense, and sounds WONDERFUL!

  3. arange andd sea food go very well together so bravo to you pedro and your dish brings some sun in our dark winter !!
    salut de Paris Pierre

  4. Pedro, here it goes a hint for you: choosing the right plate to show your food is very important. I love working in white plates, but they should be biger for you to arrange the items more simetricaly. Any way, presentation is getting better from last year. Good job.

  5. pedro I miss your recipes come on !! Pierre