Saturday, 9 January 2010

Salt Cod a la portugese style.

Well, this dish is a really traditional dish in portugal ( of course i had to chance some bits ) and I've learnt how to do it with my grandma, she is portuguese but moved to Brazil like 50 years ago.
Once again, this dish is pretty simple and it tastes absolutely nice.
I used Salt Cod, but if you want, you can do it with fresh cod. The result will be very simmilar.
If you using Salt Cod, you will have to put it in a bowl with water 24 hours before cooking it, to get rid of the excessive salt. Don't forget to change the water every 3 or 4 hours.
Now lets move in to the recipe.

What you need: ( to serve 5 )
1kg of salt cod
200g of chalots
300g of potatoes
200g of cherry tomatoes cut in half.
150g of aspargus
75ml of olive oil
50g of sugar

well, the salt cod gets cooked in 5 minutes, so that will be last.
First of all, cook the potatoes till they are nearly done ( i like to keep its skin, tastes nicer in my opinion). Then for the chalots, you have to boil water with sugar. Once the water is boiling add the chalots and leave there to cook for around 5 - 10 minutes. This will make them feel less acid and taste smoothier. Then, cook the aspargus in boiling water for around 5 min ( depends how big they are ). Once everything is cooked, put everything in a oven pan, with the potatoes on the bottom, then the cod, then the challots, then cherry tomatoes and aspargus on top. Put the olive oil on top of the apargus, in order to it fall everywhere, specially on the cod . Pre-heat the oven at around 160 degrees. Put the oven pan in for around 15 minutes, or till the cod is done.
There you go. Portuguese cod easy and simple.


  1. That bottom photo is nearly perfect in every way

    as is the recipe

  2. Simple sounds right up my alley for the next week! And I'm a big fan of asparagus. Thanks!

    Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen
    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. hello Pedro ,
    I love the cod and I love POrtugal I have visited this country and loved it !!
    cheers from Paris where it is very cold these days !! keep on doing good work! Pierre

  4. This dish looks delicious. Great blog!

  5. Pedro, I love bacalhau, here we have to buy them in specialty brought lots of memories froom my childhood. My mouth is watering at your cod picture :-)

  6. I like simple. Looks delicious!

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  8. This recipe is proof that simple is best. A fresh, healthy meal.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh delicious! I enjoyed lots of salted cod when I lived in Montreal last year, as I lived right near 'little Portugal'. Haven't eaten any since then, thanks for the reminder!

  10. What a beautiful plate! Sounds simple, but delicious!

  11. hi pedro if you like millefeuilles come and visit me ; and send me some sunshine I need it here it is so cold !! Pierre

  12. That is quite an involved meal - looks worth it though!

  13. hello pedro I miss your recipes !!PIerre

  14. Now we are talking. See how it looks really nice this plate presentation? The yellow rim on the plate made all colors in the dish look nicer, the tomato much more red, the fish more alive, etc. Awsome job.